A.S. Dover Companies

A.S. Dover Companies is a family of interrelated companies devoted to the construction, development and marketing of high-quality real estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. The Company's Corporate, Construction Services, Real Estate and Marketing offices are all located in Ellijay, Georgia.

Construction Services

Specializes in clearing, excavating, drainage, road building, site preparation, asphalt paving, concrete curb and guttering and overall development services. The company owns and operates equipment including excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders, paving and curbing equipment, trucks and other related machinery.

Real Estate & Marketing

Specializes in the marketing and sales of all real estate owned and developed by A.S. Dover Companies. This includes the marketing and sales for all A.S. Dover Communities including Tranquility at Carters Lake®, Falling Waters, Ridgemont and Eastridge. Additionally, the company offers sales and marketing services to all A.S. Dover Community property owners through their in-house real estate brokerage firm High Point Realty, Inc. dba A.S. Dover Communities.